Order Form

For Exhibitors at Hall 5E Only 只適用於展覽廳 5E

For Exhibitors at Hall 5FG & Concourse Only 只適用於展覽廳5FG及大堂

  • Exhibitors should return the above relevant Order Forms to the Organiser or respective Official Stand Subcontractors well before the submission deadlines as specified. Order Forms without appropriate payments will not be entertained.
  • 參展商請於指定截止日期前把有關表格填妥,並連同所應付費用一併交回主辦機構或大會指定展台承建 分判商。請注意 : 任何未附所需費用之申請概不受理。

  • A 20% surcharge will be levied if the Additional Facilities Order Form (Form 4) is received by the Official Stand Subcontractors after the submission deadline. Any orders received after 9th October, 2020 will be regarded as on-site orders and a 50% surcharge will be applied.
  • 若於上述截止日期後才提交租用額外設施申請表(表格四),需額外繳付20%的附加費。任何於2020 年10 月 9 日後才收到之申請表格一概視作即場申請論,並需額外繳付50%的附加費。